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women everywhere are busier than ever before and as a working mother whose body changed dramatically after having my son, I wanted to keep myself looking stylish and ready for work, the weekend party or lunch in simple, well designed pieces that stand alone or mix and match in a neutral colour palette designed to flatter rather than overwhelm.

g r a y v i n e is the culmination of years of frustration with clothing options for women with normal, everyday bodies.

g r a y v i n e offers a clothing range in a mix of fabrics including linen & cotton that flow and fall to flatter. You will notice our sizes follow the spelling of our name as we feel having a bigger bust or booty simply means your body is unique (as it should be). The range will cover all sizes from 12 – 26 comfortably.

think staple pieces like solid colour maxi dresses with statement accessories that are comfortable and practical for everyday wear.

we hope that the designs offered will instil a confidence back into women who feel disillusioned with the current offerings for the more ‘curvy’ figure.

working from a showroom in Brisbane’s South, our garments will be limited and exclusive with only a certain number of each piece available.

guaranteed to garner compliments and have you feeling stylish all day long and into the night, g r a y v i n e clothing is produced with high quality materials, finishes and each item is handmade in Europe.

style has nothing to do with size and I am a firm believer that a well put together outfit can change how you see yourself.

Kat Gray – Director